This is a safe place to share your story.

Every time you share your story, you gain power over a situation that you’ve always felt powerless in.

The following is from one of our collaborators on this project.  This is in her own words:
“I’ve been open about my experiences with childhood sexual abuse and also domestic abuse. Every time I share my story, someone tells me their own story of survival. To every woman and man who has shared their abuse story with me; thank you for trusting me with that. It’s been an honor to listen to your experiences. I am convinced that sharing these stories empowers survivors and gives strength to those who are still struggling.”

Here are some of the stories we’ve received

Please note that the materials below might be triggering for some individuals who have experienced abuse.

We’re asking you to share your experiences with us.

The Women’s Groovement would like to bring attention and support to those who’ve survived and are surviving abuse of any kind.

If you’d like to, please send your story; any version of it. The whole story or just one day. Maybe one incident. It can be a poem or a picture. It can be the story of how you got out – or of how your life today has improved. What memory has stuck with you? We’re encouraging every story to be shared. They all mean something.

And most importantly…maybe it’s your story right NOW. Maybe you need the help to leave, to get away. It takes support. There is a strong community of people here who want to help you get safe. If you reach out for help, we will get you connected to agencies that can help.  WE will protect your privacy.


Your story may be submitted anonymously, or signed with your name. Don’t worry about punctuation, grammer, or spelling. There is no pressure to be correct. This ain’t about correctness. This is about your real life experiences.

Empowerment and support are the primary purpose of our mission.

In collecting these stories, we hope to encourage those who need a support group to reach out for help and to help support those who identify as survivors. The secondary purpose is to generate awareness and funds by publishing these stories in the book.

We welcome you to indicate if you’d prefer your story to remain anonymous and if you want your story to be included in the future publication.  

We are stronger than the worst abuse we’ve survived. All of us working together can change this culture for the next generation of women and children.

Thank you for being brave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid for my story?

The proceeds of any future book that is published will be going to The Women’s Groovement Survivor’s Fund.  TWG will be working closely with national domestic abuse agencies and other non-profits to help those vulnerable in communities nationwide.

Will my name be used?

That is entirely up to you. You may submit your story anonymously.  Any names will need to be changed to protect survivors and their families. We will gladly change the names of people in your story if you do not change them yourself. Just let us know.

Where do proceeds of book sales go?

As mentioned above, proceeds of the planned book publication will be going to The Women’s Groovement Survivor Fund, minus expenses incurred by TWG. 

Why the use of the name “Jericho Roses”?

According to Britannica, The Rose of Jericho is one of only two unrelated plants that are known for their ability to survive desiccation. It’s known as a “resurrection plant” for its ability to survive through the worst of circumstances and be able to thrive again and again. This analogy of strength and rebirth is why we chose the name.

Is this Religious?

Not necessarily; however, resurrection plants are powerful metaphors for life, love, and rebirth, and it’s no surprise that they pop up in poems and novels from time to time. Resurrection plants appear in poems such as “To the Duke of York” by Robert Herrick, Christina Georgina Rossetti’s “A Rose Plant in Jericho,” and Mollie Moore’s “The Resurrection Plant,” to name just a few. And the metaphors don’t stop there. Understandably, this plant symbolizes resurrection, rebirth, enduring love, and longevity in many world religions including Hoodoo, Wicca, Santeria, Yoruba, Catholicism, and many others. (

Do you have to be a woman to submit a story?

Absolutely not. Absolutely anyone can share their experiences with us.

May I submit more than one story?

Yes, as many as you want to share. 

What exactly is The Women’s Groovement?

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio region.  Our mission is to connect female artists within and outside of their communities to support each other, collaborate and create special art and music events. The funds from these events will be used to develop mentoring programs, establish scholarships and support other charitable organizations in our communities to give assistance to women and children to pursue their dreams.  During the covid-19 pandemic, we are looking for alternate ways to assist those who are most vulnerable in the area, and nationwide, as much as we are able.

How can I get involved?

Feel free to send us an email to and let us know you would like to volunteer your time or services to help!  

Also, you can contact us by mail:
The Women’s Groovement, Inc.
P.O. Box 407
Independence, KY  41051

Another way is to buy merch from our Etsy site, as the buyer, a percentage of the sale will go to any organization you choose, you just have to add it to the message portion during the purchasing process!

What if I or someone I know is currently being abused?

We have found a good resource to use is they have gathered resources nationwide and in Canada as well. 

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